Luxurious sedans such as the Genesis G80 are always thought about for their comfort, performance, and advanced technology. But there is a great deal of safety baked into the Genesis G80 sedan as well, and Genesis of Raleigh is here to show Cary and Durham drivers how far this sedan will go to keep you safe.

Avoiding Forward Collisions

The latest Genesis G80 comes with a forward-facing camera and radar system that is always scanning the road ahead for hazards. It can sense both vehicles and pedestrians on the road ahead of you, and warn you when a collision appears imminent. If you don’t react, it can even apply the brakes automatically to help you slow down and even avoid the incident altogether.

Adaptive cruise control is also a part of this feature, and it will help you maintain a set gap to traffic ahead even as it slows to a stop. The idea here is to keep you in a position that is safe no matter what happens, and give you the room to react should something suddenly occur ahead of you.

Watching Your Back

The Genesis G80 is no compact sedan, and as such it has some blind spots that can be difficult to work with in hectic highway scenarios. That’s why this model comes with blind spot monitoring that not only warns you of vehicles next to you, but can even tell you about cars that are approaching quickly. This helps you avoid making dangerous lane changes and helps make our Wake Forest roads a safer place for everyone.

Safety in Style

You may look at the LED headlights and taillights of the Genesis G80 and see a stylish, modern touch, but these bright lights are also there to help keep you safe. Whether you’re hitting the brakes, flicking on a turn signal, or just want to be seen through inclement weather, the bright LED lighting will always help you stand out.

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